Gloucestershire is a stunning part of the country, full of gorgeous stately homes, quaint little spa and market towns, and beautiful rental properties ready to be enjoyed and lived in. In such a popular area of the country to live, it is important to ensure you get the right lettings agent for your property. The home you want to rent out will be desirable to a lot of people, so it is important your investment is managed by a professional, experienced team.

If you’re considering which lettings agency to use to manage your gorgeous Gloucestershire property and you’re not sure how to choose the right one, these nifty tips will help:

The Right Certification

You want to know that the company you are paying for advice and help on such an important matter are qualified to do that job. Choose a letting agency who is part of NALS (National Approved Lettings Scheme). If this isn’t possible, there are also professional organisations who support this scheme including: ARLA, RICS and NAEA. Property Redress Scheme should also be something you look for as the lettings agency should be registered with one.

The Right Services

Consider the services you would really like, as many agencies offer a broad range of services ranging from help at certain stages of property letting, like advertising the property, to completely managing the property. Have a think about how much help you really want and bear that in mind when they inevitably try to provide you with extra services.

The Right Insurance And Protection

Professional indemnity insurance should be something every letting agency has, and they should also have client money protection as well. They should be happy to explain these two things to you when you enquire.

Tenancy Deposit

The deposit placed by the tenant needs to be protected by one of the many tenancy deposit protection schemes available. If your lettings agency is dealing with this side of things, ask which scheme they use as when it comes down to the law, you are responsible for this.

Watertight Paperwork

Don’t sign the contract that ties you to them before checking it over very carefully. They are experts at creating the most legally sound contracts, so you must take the time to check what you are signing yourself up for. Check for clauses, cancellation periods, renewal commission, vacant property charges, service charges, estate agency fees and admin charges.


The lettings agency will need to be completely up to speed with safety legal issues. Don’t just assume that they are, make sure you ask so you understand how they remain compliant. Check that they deal with right to rent, gas safety, electrical fittings safety, HMO regulations, licensing – they should be able to competently deal with all of these things and provide the paperwork to prove it.

Tenant Management

It is up to you how involved you are when it comes to tenant management. Some lettings agencies will do everything for you if you want them to. If you are giving them permission to deal with maintenance where your money will be spent on issues with the property, discuss authorisation on spending limits to ensure it is clear what the process will be if maintenance needs to be done.

Customer Service

You are trusting this company with something extremely important, so it is important you trust them and get on with the team. You should expect to feel like you’re in good hands, and look for references from other landlords who have used the service. Don’t be afraid to look up comments or opinions on their services on separate forums, websites and social media to get an idea of customer satisfaction.

As A Priority….

Make sure you:

  • Take your time making your selection
  • Do extensive research so you can make an informed decision
  • Never sign anything under pressure
  • Consider all the costs involved
  • Check the paperwork and keep a record of all emails and paper contact with the company
How To Choose The Right Lettings Agent In Gloucestershire For Your Property