If you are looking to rent your property out then it is crucial to make sure that you are going to achieve the best possible price and of course attract the best possible tenants, therefore it is really important to make sure that you know how to rent out your property successfully, rather than getting a quick fix and regretting the move in months to come.

So, as we are the experts when it comes to properties to rent in Gloucester, we have offered our three areas that you need to concentrate on if you want your property or properties rented successfully for many years to come.

Be Realistic

We mention this based on experience, but is so important to make sure that you are realistic with the price you are going to achieve for your property, as generally this price will be based on the local area and other rental prices, the condition of the property and the number of bedrooms or type of property, as even though you may think your home is worth more than others, you do need to be realistic about your monthly rental. If you are going to be renting your property through a lettings agent then they will advise you on the price you will be looking at, and although you will have the final decision, you should be listening to what they say or at the very least research the local market to make sure you are competitive.

It is important to remember that although you do want to make the most money from renting your property, you need to set a price that will get people to move in, otherwise you will be sat with an empty property costing you money, as you will still need to cover the mortgage, council tax and all of the others bills that your property will attract.


First impressions count for a lot in most walks of life, but when it comes to property, they count for even more, as many people will make up their mind about a property within the first few minutes of viewing it. Even before they have viewed your property, if they are browsing through 30 other properties in your area online and your listing stands out due to high quality photos and the house or flat looking stunning, it will get noticed – very important with the rise of rental properties increasing year on year.

Make sure your property is well cared for, looks great and if you are renting with furnishings then invest in a professional cleaning company to get everything up to scratch and will allow the tenant to move in quickly. No-one wants to move into a property that looks or smells awful, no matter whether they are buying or renting, so always make sure you spend some time and / or money on the presentation and cleanliness of the property before you place it on the market ready to get some tenants.

Hire The Experts

As we touched upon earlier in this article, you are often better off paying a percentage of your rental income to use a lettings agent, as they bring a lot to the table and can often make sure your property gets the best rental price and you get the very best of tenants. Although it can be tempting to save yourself a few pounds and go it alone, in the long run you are generally better off making use of a lettings agency, as they will be able to check the tenants, advise on your property and then take care of everything when you finally get the tenants in place, taking the hassle and worry factor away from you.

You are paying for experience and knowledge when you use a lettings company, as they have the resources and time to make sure that your property is marketed correctly and you get the best tenants and they are managed correctly. Regular inspections, good communication, lots of checking and referencing and an expert ear to call upon should you have any issues or concerns. And, it means your tenants do not have direct contact with you, which is an issue if problems occur and they are constantly calling you at all hours of the day.

How To Rent Out Your Property Successfully