Cheltenham, whilst not a cheap place to live, is an amazing place to live – a city filled with culture, history and wrapped up in a modern surrounding of the most trendy bars, clubs and highly rated restaurants to enjoy a meal.

Also known as Cheltenham Spa, Cheltenham is a Gloucestershire historic spa town which is currently home to an estimated 116,000 people, which is not surprising considering the train and road connections which means that you can be in London in around 2 hours and many trains a day to Nottingham, Newcastle, Leeds and Glasgow all on the doorstep. As mentioned, Cheltenham is not a cheap place to live, but the level of living and facilities that you can expect from living in the town are of the very highest level, with all of the shops and entertainment you could want or dream of.

Cheltenham has a really thriving rental market, with many people living in the area choosing to rent over buy, possibly due to the high sales prices but also due to the fact that many people stay and work in the town before moving to the outskirts when looking for more space to increase their family or for other reasons. With many big businesses in the local area, more and more people are now working in Cheltenham or using the town as a based to work in London or other areas, with the transport links excellent and the Internet making the world so much smaller these days.

So, if you are looking for your first property to rent in Cheltenham or maybe you are looking to move but to stay within the area, just how can you find the right letting agent to use?


Word of mouth and personal recommendations from friends, family or colleagues is simply one of the best forms of approval you could ever ask for, which is why this would always come top for us. If you know someone that has had a great experience with a lettings agent in Cheltenham then this should bode well, as if you can get a couple of people giving the thumbs up to a company, this can mean a great deal.


If you are looking for a two bedroom flat in the centre and the lettings agent does not have any, then they are probably not going to be right for you to use, unless you are willing to wait or change your requirements. Cheltenham property tends to move very quickly, especially in the rental market, so it might not always be possible to find what you need when you want it, you may have to sign up to a couple of agents and then wait for the dream property to pop onto the market.


Property rental prices are generally quite high in Cheltenham, especially when compared to other areas of the county, but this is what happens when supply is outweighed by demand and of course, you want to live in an amazing place. Of course, there is no point in breaking the bank to get something you dream of, but you will have to be accommodating to the fact that most agents all rent at roughly the same price, so if it is outside of what you can afford, you may need to rethink.


Cheltenham is a big town, with many outskirt areas as well, so you may need to hunt around to find a lettings agent that covers the area you are looking for. Some areas tend to be more popular than others, so if you really have your heart set on a particular postcode, you might have to sit and wait until something that meets your requirements finally becomes available to rent.

How To Choose The Right Letting Agents In Cheltenham