If you are looking for a property to rent or let in Cheltenham, then your search has probably only just begun, or you might have been looking for some time but as of yet, have not found anything that really matches your requirements.

Finding a property to rent is often just as hard as finding somewhere to buy, as although there are good choices for both types of property hunters, you still need to find something you really want before you sign on the dotted line, else you will be trapped into a 6 month agreement that is just not right for you. Renting a property is still a place for you to live and call home, and whilst it might not have the initial investment level as buying a home would have, it is still a big decision, especially if it is your first time on your own.

We offer some top tips below when it comes to finding rental properties in Cheltenham and the questions you need to ask and answer before you even begin your search for that dream home for you and your family in the Cheltenham area.

Work Out What You Need

A pretty obvious statement but one that is important as your search cannot really be effective unless you know what you are looking for. How many bedrooms do you need? Is a garden important? Do you definitely need off-road parking? And there are many other questions you will probably need to answer before you hit the search button. Cheltenham has a lot of properties for both sale and to rent, so until you know exactly what you require, you could be wasting valuable time looking at properties that are just not suited.

Where Do You Want It?

Cheltenham is quite a big place, with areas on the outskirts of the town that could also be considered as part of your search, which is why identifying the area you wish to live in is important if it has an impact on your life. For example, do you need to be within walking distance of Cheltenham Spa station? Do you need to be close to your preferred school for the little one that is going to be starting soon? Or do you want to be closer to your work? When you know where you want to live, this means you can narrow your search and only find the properties that are of real interest to you.

What Is Your Budget?

As with most things in life, you know how much you can afford to spend and the budget you have, as although we all want to live somewhere nice, our financial situation will be the biggest dictator when it comes to what we end up with. There is no point in breaking the bank and not being able to afford to eat for half the month just to get a property that looks nice, which means know your budget, be realistic and then this will make your search much easier.

Private Or Through An Agent?

Although we would of course recommend using a lettings agent to find your property, and there are many reasons why we would, you also have the option of going private and finding a private landlord to rent directly with. Going through an agent means that the search is half done for you, communication with the landlord is much easier and problems can often get sorted quicker, but again, the choice really is yours.

Length Of Letting Requirements

Our last point is that although most tenancy agreements run on a six month rolling contract, there are some properties that can be rented for less time as a short let agreement, so if you only need something as a stop gap, there are properties out there to meet your requirements. Understand what you need in terms of contract length, and although it is most likely you are in this for the long term, if you do just need something for a few months, speak to the agent or landlord and see what they can offer.

How To Find Rental Properties Cheltenham