If you are landlord in Gloucester, Cheltenham or the Forest of Dean, with one, two or many properties to rent, then Alex Clark in Gloucester have tenants that are actively waiting for you today, with our stock of rental properties being let quickly, efficiently and to the right people, every time.

Renting your property without the help of a management company or lettings agent can be a risky businesses, especially if you are not living close to the property, as not only do you have to run your own tenant checks, meet the tenants, move them in and then deal with any issues that may occur, you also have to be a constant contact point for any issues that may occur and you also could have to deal with any problems that might happen over the course of the rental period, with unpaid rent, badly behaved tenants and so many other possible concerns for many landlords.

When you employ the services of a letting agent, then all of this is taken care of for you, and yes you have to pay a small rental management fee, but the risks and concerns are removed and you can just continue to live your life without the stress that rental properties can cause owners.

Alex Clark offer the full service when it comes to letting your property in Gloucester, Cheltenham or indeed any part of Gloucestershire.

Property Marketing

From our modern and stylish city centre showroom in Gloucester through to our highly ranking website, we are experts when it comes to property marketing and we make sure that your property is let quickly and efficiently. We also have a huge mailing list of tenants that are literally waiting for new properties to become available in Gloucester and Cheltenham, which means that we are confident that we will let your property quickly and to the right tenant, something that is crucial for any landlord that needs to avoid costly unlet periods.

Tenant Checking

Alex Clark Property Management make sure all tenants are thoroughly reference checked and tenant checked before they are even presented as potential occupiers to the landlord, as only through a strict checking process can you be assured that the tenant is right for your property. Failing to do these checks is often where private landlords fall down, as it can be a few months before issues come to light with unchecked tenants, which is why they are so important to getting the right people in your property.

Property Inspections

It is important that your property is checked through inspections at regular points throughout the tenancy, as if problems and issues are not spotted early on, they can become huge problems later down the road, something that property inspections every 3 – 6 months can help prevent from occurring. This is also a good time for tenants to raise any issues they have, as a happy tenant is often a long term occupier of the property, which saves having to find new people to fill the void should they choose to move out due to ignored issues.

Point Of Contact

One thing that landlords seem to hate when renting privately is always being on call, from a bit of carpet that might be a trip hazard right the way through to the boiler not working and hot water not being available. Alex Clark have a team of trade professionals in place to get these issues sorted quickly and efficiently, without the need for direct contact from the tenant, meaning that the problem is fixed and everyone is happy, and there is no need for any contact details to be exchanged as we are the point of contact at all times.

End Of Tenancy Procedures

When and if the time comes for the tenant to move onto pastures new, we will take care of the whole procedure for you, from making sure the tenant is aware of the moving out date through to returning the deposit should the property be in acceptable condition. We will make sure the inventory check is acceptable and report back to the landlord, with pictures and notes before the tenant moves out, allowing the landlord to know how well the property has been looked after since the previous inspection.

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