18If you are landlord through choice or through circumstances, the need to manage your property or properties, find the right tenants, make sure they are cared for, pay their rent on time and look after your property is not an easy job, especially if you, yourself, is also working and drastically lacking any free hours of the day.

If something goes wrong as a private landlord, then you have to fix it, not to mention having to spend a load of money having to find a new tenant, checking them for suitability and then being on hand 365 days of the year for anything from a leaking tap through to a major disaster that could threaten your property in terms of damage. And, if you are not local to your property then this all seems that little bit harder, as there is just no way of keeping on top of the property and making sure everything remains spot on.

As experienced and professional Gloucestershire letting agents, we know only too well how much our landlords value the service we offer, as for them, it makes perfect sense to trust the service we provide so that they can get on with their theirs lives and avoid the hassle the being a landlord can ultimately bring.

Here are just a few reasons why using a letting agent really does make sense for landlords:

Affordable Option

Most letting agents will work on a percentage of the property rental income, or a fixed fee, with some offering both options for landlords to make sure they are working with a model that suits them. This means that everything is included in that fee, from collecting the rental fee through to property inspections every 3 or 6 months depending on the agreement. The letting agent is there to make sure they are a cost effective solution for renting out your property, as when you weigh up the time and money it would cost to do it yourself, it really is far more affordable than many might consider.

Hassle Free Life

If the letting agent takes care of everything then it really does mean the landlord can just get on with their life and not have to worry about their property, which means not having to get that window fixed through to not having to check 50 tenant applications every time they need a new tenant in the property. People tend to come and go a lot more than when compared with buying, for obvious reasons, so this can become quite a big chore over the course of time that the property being let out.

Well Cared For Property

A letting agent will carry out 3, 6 or 12 month inspections, depending on what you have agreed with them, which means your property will be cared for in the correct manner and that any problems will be spotted early on and dealt with accordingly. Acting quickly stops minor issues from turning into major ones, making sure that as a landlord, your property does not need continuing renovation due to poor tenant management.

Vetted And Checked Tenants

Get the right tenant, everyone is happy, get the wrong tenant and the world can quickly fall apart for the landlord, from the neighbours being angry and upset, through to the property taking a heavy impact from neglect or poor treatment. A good Gloucester letting agent will vet and check their tenants, through the proper measures, making sure they can afford the property and that they have the relevant references in place to prove they really are worthwhile occupants of your rental property.

As A Landlord, Why Renting Through A Gloucestershire Lettings Agent Makes Sense