Trust is such an important word to most people these days, ranging from the products you buy to the people you do business with, and when it comes to being a landlord, having complete trust in your letting agent is so, so important.

A property is not a cheap investment, especially in areas like Gloucester, Cheltenham and the Forest of Dean, where property prices are strong and increasing, especially in the city and town centres of these key Gloucestershire areas. When you invest so much money to not only buy the property, but to then bring it to decent rental standards, including all of the safety certificates that go with it, you need to know that your next tenants are going to take care of it, to a good standard.

We have all seen, heard and read about the horror stories of nightmare tenants, in fact, there are many TV shows currently looking at this subject, and whilst there is always a chance of someone getting into your property that in hindsight, should not have, by using the right Gloucester letting agent, or the right letting agent Cheltenham, you have a much stronger chance of ending up with the right people living in your property.

And this is where trust plays such a vital role in your relationship, because as a landlord, you need to trust that they will do everything, from vetting and checking the tenant prior to moving in through to regular inspections and keeping on top of any issues that may arise. A leak that is not dealt with turns into a major structural issue, a broken window turns into a security issue and unhappy tenants that have reported problems that are never fixed often turn into tenants, that to be honest, will give up on the property and look elsewhere.

Letting agents are so much more than just rental income keepers, they are a landlord’s link between the property and the tenants, making sure that the landlord can take a backwards step and trust that everything is being taken care of. Making sure that the leak is fixed, that the window is repaired and that the tenants are happy and are taking amazing care of the property. If the people you have living in your property look after it, then the chances of them staying long term are high, but the chances of the property needing little repair if they do move out is once again strong.

Respect is an earned thing, or even a gift, which means the letting agent will do as much as they can to make sure the tenants respect the property, by making sure that every issue is dealt with and problems are sorted. This is why it’s so important for a landlord to have complete trust in their letting agent, as quite simply, if they do not, then there is no point even going through a management company. The letting agent will of course keep the landlord informed at all stages, but they will take care of issues quickly and rectify small situations before they get out of hand and become major problems.

So, if you are looking for a letting agent in Gloucester or Cheltenham, you can trust Alex Clark to look after you and your property, which is why we believe in trust, and so should you.

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Landlords – Why Trusting Your Gloucester Letting Agents Is So Important