If you are currently looking for a property to rent in Gloucester, then you will probably know how hard it is to not only find something, but to find something that really ticks all (or most) of the boxes when it comes to requirements.

Over the past couple of years there has been a major increase in the number of people needing or wanting to rent, but the supply of property has nowhere near kept up, which means from a private rental point of view it can be challenging to say the least when it comes to finding a property to rent in Gloucestershire for you and your family, especially in the areas that you really desire.

Here are some key tips from Alex Clark Letting Agents In Gloucester and Cheltenham to getting the right property as soon as it hits the market.

Nothing Is 100% Perfect At First

Although we all want the perfect property to live in, very few properties you view will tick all of the boxes on the first visit, so it is important to realise that you will need to make your rental property your own, which will mean it is very unlikely to hit all the marks from day one. It is often necessary to think ahead and envisage what it could be, and with rental property in such short supply and such high demand, getting the perfect property is going to be so much harder now than compared to years ago. If it gets most things right, and the important things right, work with these and then try to make it perfect whilst you are living in it.

Work With Your Letting Agent

So many tenants lose out on properties as they are hard to get hold of or do not really state what they need and where they want to live from day one, so it is important to make sure that you work with your local letting agent and make sure that you keep in contact and you respond, and if your requirements or situation changes for whatever reason(s), always let them know, so they can adapt their searches and criteria accordingly.

Know What You Want Before Your Search

To get the right property you really need to know what you need. How important is a garden? How many bedrooms do you need? Is off-road parking a sticking point for you? These and many other questions need to be answered, so that when you register with letting agents then they have a full understanding of the exact things you need, but they also know the things that you are going to be flexible on for the right property. If you have an idea of budget and areas, this also makes life much easier, and allows the agent to match properties more accurately to your criteria and requirements.

Be Flexible And Act Quickly

As we mentioned before, rental property is often snapped up very, very quickly – in some cases you will find a let can be agreed before tenant checking within the same day as it becomes available, especially in the most sought-after areas. Therefore, always make sure your letting agent has up to date contact details and that if you have a voice mail or message about a property you respond quickly, as if someone else gets in before you, it can heart-breaking, especially if the property really was the one for you.

Property To Rent Gloucester – How To Find The Right Rental Property For You