If you are currently looking for a property to rent then you will probably already know that there is a huge demand for rental property at the moment, and when you also take into account the lack of supply of rental properties, the fight for the right home is as intense now as it ever has been.

But, when you are looking for a property, getting the right home for you and your family is still the most important thing, so we offer our 5 top tips when it comes to choosing a rental property.

Know Your Options

Like any product or service, knowing the options you have available to you will make a huge difference when it comes to ending up with the right end result, as rushing in with no strategy or outline planning is the total opposite of what you need to be thinking. Make sure you understand the key locations that are realistic, know how many rooms you need, and think about things like will you need a property that takes pets and what kind of income do they accept. Understand the questions, know your options and then go and find your dream property.

Understand Your Budget

Whilst not the only factor when it comes to choosing the right rental property, it is of course one of the most important ones, as if you spend more than you can afford then you are just setting yourself up for a year of hardship, panic and worry, and nothing is worth that. Always understand your budget before you start to look for rental properties, as this will save you time and heartache when it comes to making sure you rent one that you can realistically afford based on both current and future circumstances.

Take Your Time

There is no rush when it comes finding a property, as if you do not take your time and you do not view relevant properties then you could be entering into an agreement that you will really regret a few months into the tenancy. Even if you REALLY need to move, it is better to take a step back and get the right property, as if you do not take your time then bad decisions are made, and ultimately, that is your life for at least 6 months until you can remove yourself from the tenancy agreement. View a range of properties to really understand what you can choose and what you can realistically afford, and then make a choice when you have a few options that are right for you.

Understand Your Responsibilities

Renting a property is a huge responsibility and there is no underestimating your obligation to the Landlord and lettings agent when it comes to keeping that commitment. Most contracts are for 6 months, which means that you, as a tenant, are committed to making payments on time, and keeping the property in good health and upkeep. Quite simply, do not just rush into renting unless it is the right time for you, as being evicted from the property or failing to keep up with payments can significantly impact your future chances of either renting or buying a property.

Use A Letting Agency / Agent

The final point to make is that by using a letting agent in your area, not only do you have a wealth of experience and local area knowledge on your side, but they will often guide you through the process to make sure you get the right selection of properties based on your needs. A decent lettings agent will take the time to know your requirements and get to know you, which means they are better placed to secure the right home for you. And, it also means should things go wrong or you need an urgent contact, they are the ones you turn to, saving you hours trying to get hold of a private landlord should you rent without an agent.

5 Top Tips When Choosing A Rental Property To Live In