The demand for rental property in Gloucester and the county of Gloucestershire has seen a huge rise over the past 5 years, in line with the general demand for rental property across the country. With more people now looking to rent, either long term or as a short-term solution before jumping onto the property ladder with an owned property, the need to find the right property has never been so important.

Whilst there is often an assumption the renting a property is just a short-term measure and therefore anything will do, this is no longer the case, with more and more people now renting on an ongoing basis, rather than just for a year or two. Of course, there are many factors and reasons why this is the case, with mortgages no longer as easy to achieve and career relocation more common, but the bottom line is that when it comes to renting a property in Gloucester, Cheltenham and the surrounding areas, more and more people are now looking to do so.

People rent for many reasons. Some just want to rent and have no intention of ever buying, some cannot afford the deposit for a mortgage and others travel around due to job reasons and therefore buying is not an option. There are many other reasons why the rental market is so strong now, but generally, less people can buy a home as when we compare the property market to many years ago, before the crash that made lenders tighten up the borrowing they offered.

When it comes to getting the right property, as more and more people now rent medium to long term, you cannot simply “make do”.

You will have many considerations when you start your Gloucester rental property search, but some of the key ones will be:

The Location

Whilst buses, trains, taxis and road transport is now far more common and accessible, it is still important that you are renting in the right location for you and your family’s needs. There is no point renting somewhere and then finding it is a massive hassle to get the kids to school or get into work, so you need to be realistic about where is a good place to live, compared to where your heart is telling you that you should be living.


You must live within your means, otherwise life will become a serious struggle, and this is the same for renting as it is for buying. Make sure the rental properties you look at are within your affordability range, otherwise you will seriously end up regretting making the decision and it could have credit rating issues later down the line should things go wrong for you.

Meeting Requirements

The right property will meet your requirements, otherwise, it is simply not the right property for you. This could be the number of bedrooms or it could be the status with pets, but no matter what you are looking for, try to make sure the properties that you look at meet the requirements that you have. Whilst you might not end up with a perfect match, make sure the main ones are going to be ticked off, as this will make sure you are happy in your new home.

Making It Your Own

The final point here is that not every landlord will allow you to make the property “your own”, in terms of painting the walls bright red and re-designing the garden, so you need to make sure you understand just what you can do, and what you cannot do, before you sign on the dotted line, as there is no point being disappointed and frustrated for 6 months until you can get out of the rental contract.

Getting The Right Property To Rent In Gloucester