Now the winters gone, and we’re entering springtime, it’s about time you started looking at your garden again. Winters are very hard on gardens, especially if you’ve got a more tropical kind of foliage, so some remedial work and forward planning is always going to be necessary.

Having a beautiful, fantastic looking garden is a great thing, it gives you somewhere to eat, entertain and relax all summer long, but getting the right garden for you doesn’t just happen overnight, a little forward planning and research is what it takes to get it exactly right for you.

A key first step is always going to be checking what’s still alive, and what needs removing or pruning can be useful, as can checking the overall health of your trees. The other major thing to be getting on with at this time of year is starting planning how you want your garden to look, and researching the various different projects and planting times you’re going to use this following year. This time is also ideal for starting your seeds off indoors! Once you’ve got your seeds started off you can start to relax till planting time.

Having the perfect garden doesn’t just happen by itself sadly. We all like the wild look, but getting a garden just right can be a bit of an art. Beautiful, varied and well thought out gardens look like that because someone has spent a lot of time thinking about, planning and researching how they’re going to put them together. It can take years to get a garden looking exactly like you want it, so planning from the end of winter is absolutely crucial if you want the perfect garden come summer. The good news is that it’s not that hard. With a little forward-thinking, research and due-diligence, you can have the garden of your absolute dreams with very little stress or hassle, but you do need to know what to look out for, and what to get done at this time of year.

Check Your Trees Health

Another key thing to do at this time of year is check your trees, and have them maintained if need be. Trees frame and shelter your garden, and without them, it’d all be rather two dimensional. Check that all the branches and limbs are still alive and there’s no major warping or discoloration. Getting your trees maintained and checked can be very helpful, especially when you consider the amount of damage that winter storms and weather can exert on trees. Storms, frost, snow and other extreme weathers can be very heavy on trees, and as such you need to know that no heavy branches are going to come crashing down. The colder seasons also weaken trees, making them more vulnerable to tree diseases, so checking for that is important too.

Plan and Prepare

One of the worst parts of winter for me, is being trapped indoors and not able to enjoy my garden. People love relaxing and spending time in their gardens, in the fresh air and tranquillity that only a perfect, private, beautiful backyard can conjure. However, this time spent indoors can have its upsides. It gives you the perfect opportunity to get on with researching, studying and planning your gardens overall design, flower and plant choice, project selection and planting seasons.

However, the perfect garden doesn’t come without a little planning, so do your prep now, and you’ll see it come to fruition in the spring and summer. One of the key things to know is the separate planting times for the individual flowers and plants you want in your garden. End of winter is also a great time to start off your seeds in pots indoors! Knowing your plan for the garden for the coming seasons is a great way to make sure you have one of the best gardens around.

Top Tips for Keeping Your Garden Looking Fantastic