When it comes to renting your property, the road to success is often one which is full of potential hurdles and challenges, as even the most experienced landlord would testify.

Therefore, when it comes to renting your Gloucester, Cheltenham or Gloucestershire based property, finding the right local letting agent is a massive part of making sure your rental property makes you money and is free from problems or issues that can impact the success of the investment.

So, here are just three reasons why Alex Clark Gloucester are the agents you need to be renting with.

1 – Experience

With over 30 years of property experience, owner Vince Mitchell understands property, having started in construction and working with major property development companies throughout his career. Having owned and run Alex Clark Gloucester for over 6 years, Vince understands the Gloucestershire rental market, but more importantly, he understands the property rental market overall, helping both landlords and tenants to achieve success in what can be a very tough area. They also have a very highly experienced team of colleagues that make the company, so both landlords and tenants really do benefit from this combined industry and market experience.

2 – Reputation

Alex Clark Gloucester is one of the leading property management companies in Gloucestershire, with a huge list of testimonials from happy landlords and tenants that have trusted Alex Clark Gloucester with their property needs and requirements. They thrive on recommendations, and many of the new referrals come via this route, as with so many pitfalls when it comes to renting your property, you need to rely on people that know what they do, but also, people that you can trust to deliver the best possible result for your property.

3 – Success

They often let properties on the same day they arrive, as they have a long waiting list of tenants waiting to move rent with the company, and urgently need more properties to fill this demand. Their rental properties really do not hang around for long, which is why if you are a landlord in Gloucestershire looking to rent your property, Alex Clark have people waiting right now, so get your property listed and just see the results! They also look after their landlords and tenants, which is why they have clients that have been with the agency since the day they opened our doors to the Gloucester public!

Our Advice For Landlords

Involve Us At An Early Stage – If you are considering entering the BTL or rental property market, the sooner you contact Alex Clark, the sooner they can help you find the right area to invest in. The team can advise regarding the strength of the market, the expected rental returns and a wealth of other factors, so it is important to get the right advice before you make that final decision.

An Investment, Not Your Home – A rental property is there to make you money and to act as an investment, therefore, treat it as a financial strategy and not a personal decision or a place you want to put your mark on. Clean, simple and fresh, keep it plain and make sure that you think about modern fixtures and furnishings that your tenants might want to buy, for example, a tall fridge freezer, as so many landlords forget about what people buy these days, and do not leave them the right kind of room for these things.

Use A Letting Agent – Alex Clark work for landlords and tenants, making sure that both parties are always happy and that any issues that might arise are quickly solved. They are another layer of protection, from making sure the tenant is properly checked, through to holding the deposit correctly, as a SAFEagent, they cover all bases and make sure everything is done correctly. Knowing the checks and safety certificates you need, knowing the procedures you need to follow and knowing they look after everyone, this is why using a letting agent is well worth the money it costs.


Why Trust Alex Clark Gloucester With Your Rental Property?