Like many things that we buy or rent, there are often times of the year when you tend to see more activity than others, and when it comes to property, we tend to find that the Spring and Summer are two of the busiest times that most estate agents and letting agents will tend to experience in terms of enquiries and actual placements.

There are many factors for this, which we come to below, but if you are thinking of renting your property then now is an amazing time to get this moving (excuse the pun!) and to find your property the tenant that it really deserves. Renting a property can be daunting for landlords, which is why using a letting agent can make perfect sense, as they take care of everything, from finding the right people through to making sure any issues are dealt with during the tenancy.

So, let’s take a look at why the Spring and Summer really do make the perfect seasons to get that property renting.

More People Move In The Summer

The most popular time to rent or sell is mid Spring, leading into Summer, as this article covers quite well. Therefore, it makes sense to advertise your property at a time when most people are looking, as like anything, when demand is high, you need to make sure you have the supply, so if more people look to buy and rent at this time of year than others, then it makes it a great time to get things moving.

A More Positive Attitude

There is no doubt that January and February are just months that for most of us, you wish you could bypass, as they are cold, dark and generally just wet, so moving home is the last thing on your mind. When the sun is shining and there is a warm feeling in the air, people feel better about life and are more interested in doing things and making decisions, which is why people just get on and do it, as they are ready to embrace what they feel they need to do.

Time For Change

Following on from the above, although many people probably make commitments to change their life and do things they really want to on Jan 1st, how many really do it? When it comes to Spring and Summer, change becomes more likely, as you can do it, you can actually feel positive to do it and therefore, you just have more get up and go and will actually follow through. We have all vowed to give up something we love in the new year, but then we have a bad week where it has rained every day, and its far easier just to give in.

Everything Just Looks Better

Look at your garden when its rainy, cold and dark, and it is just that, a garden, but take a look when the sun is beaming down, the sky is blue and it is nice and warm, and it becomes a place you really want to sit outside in. The sun and the bright light just make everything look better, and when you are trying to attract tenants for your property, then first impressions count for an awful lot, which is why it is far easier to fall in love with a property during the summer months than it is the winter.

People Have More Time

With the evenings longer and the endless supply of school holidays, potential renters have more time to commit to viewing appointments and register with local letting agents, which is why when there are a few more hours in the day, the market seems to grow. With more letting agents opening 6 or 7 days a week, it means that potential tenants have the time to visit properties, as they do not feel they must cram everything in and let other things take priority.


Why The Spring And Summer Are Great Times To Let Your Property