As a landlord or potential landlord, the challenge of keeping your rental property looking great and feeling new is not easy, as over time, properties suffer from wear, tear and sometimes, a bit of neglect.

But, fear not, as if you want to keep your property looking amazing and don’t want to spend a load of money, here are 5 simple ways to make sure your property is kept in great condition and that your tenants or prospective tenants will make the decision that your property is one for them!

Fresh Lick Of Paint

Whilst you might not have a degree in home design, a fresh lick of paint on the walls, ceilings, doors and skirting boards can really bring a property to life again. Whilst it is best to always go plain and neutral, you can pick up a load of paint in your local DIY store and spend a few days making the property feel brand new and fresh again, as a freshly painted property really can make people fall in love with it immediately. No matter how careful you are, walls do get scuffed and marked, but a splash of paint and a quick touch up can make it look great again.

Get The Carpets Cleaned

Over a period of time your carpets really do take a beating, with the daily wear and tear, all of the dirt, dust and goodness knows what else continually adding to the levels of grime that can really make your carpet start to look old and smell old as well. Getting the carpets cleaned every 6 months, either during or in between a tenancy can keep your carpets looking like new, which not only helps to keep your existing tenants happy, but can attract new ones as well should you be looking to fill a property.

Regular Deep Clean

A quick hoover or a mop around the kitchen might do for most people on a weekly basis, but when a tenant moves out then there is nothing more important than a solid end of tenancy clean, which is where you get the experts in to really deep clean the property. This means everything, from the floors to the cupboards, as any potential tenants want to view a property that looks, smells and feels great, and this is something only a seriously deep clean can achieve.

Clean Windows And Doors

First impressions count for a lot, and when tenants come to view a property the first thing they will see is a door and normally some windows, and if these are dirty, unkept and just in poor condition, it will make how things look inside almost irrelevant. Potential tenants will often make their minds up in minutes when it comes to whether to rent or not, so you need to make sure the first things they see are clean, in good condition and look smart, as this sets the tone for the rest of their journey.

A Maintainable Garden

Ask any estate agent or letting agent, and they will be quick to tell you that the garden can often be a deal breaker or a deal maker, and yet, to get a garden looking amazing, it really does not have to cost much money. It is important the garden matches the property, as you do not want something that is massively high maintenance as this can deter potential tenants, but at the same time, giving them something that looks great and can be enjoyed is very important. Spend a few pounds getting everything looking great and easy to keep looking great, which will make sure your tenants enjoy where they live.

5 Simple Tricks To Keep Your Rental Property Looking Great