The days of communities and villages leaving their doors unlocked and windows open are sadly all but over in most parts of the world, and whilst this might be sad reflection on the world we live in today, it is fact that security is now more important than it ever was before when it comes to your property.

When it comes to protecting your rental property, then it is important to not only always do the basics, but to look at extras you can also implement to make entering your property a tough prospect for even the most experienced criminal, which is why we offer 5 simple things that you can do to keep your rental property more secure.

Invest In Quality Locks

An old lock is an easy target, especially if it has seen better days and is at best, fragile, which means it becomes an easy option and is not protecting your property very well. New locks do not have to cost a fortune, especially if you can fit them yourself, but some of the modern locks are well worth paying extra money for as they offer a higher level of security and are much harder to interfere with to gain entry into your property.

High Quality Doors And Windows

Low quality, broken or simply old windows and doors are an intruders dream, as quite often these are simple to break and therefore make it easier to gain entry into your property. The newer doors and windows are often not only built with better, more durable materials, but they are also designed to be hard to break from an external point of view, which means that you are adding another layer of security and adding value to your property, as new doors and windows help to increase what your property is worth from a sales point of view.

Alarm And CCTV Systems

Whilst sometimes expensive, alarm systems and CCTV make your property a much harder target for would be criminals, which means that they will often steer clear and target easier options. The investment in an alarm system or a CCTV system is not going to be cheap, but the long-term protection that it can offer your property is priceless, and it can often help to bring your insurance down as well, with discounts being applied if you have invested in more security, or extra security features for your property.

Keep Bins Away From The House

If you leave your big black, green or blue bins right beside your window, then potential intruders can use these to aid their entry, as not only do they make a great temporary “ladder”, but they can also be used to cause some serious damage as well. Where possible, try to keep your bins and recycling away from the front or back windows, and especially away from fences and other borders that should be protecting your property. It might be worth investing in some secure lockups to keep your bins in, as not only does this keep the property looking tidy, but it also helps it to be more secure as well.

Do Not Leave Valuables On Display

Our final tip is to not leave any valuables on display, as if you leave your watch or wallet in the window for everyone to see, then you are basically just giving a big green light to indicate that there is something worth breaking into your property for. Where possible, keep valuables that you do not use every day locked away, in a safe if you have one or certainly in a hard to find and non-visible place, and things like wallets, handbags and watches that you do need access to, just pop them out of sight in a drawer or cupboard when you are not using them.

5 Simple Things To Keep Your Rental Property Secure